02/23 Intro to Silver 14k GF Soldering

$ 150.00
02/23 Intro to Silver 14k GF Soldering
 Intro to Silver & 14K Gold Filled Soldering
Sunday February 23rd, 11:00am-2:30pm
$150 includes Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Filled Wire
Teacher: Kimberly Richert
(Beginning Class)

This is a two metals in one class opportunity!  Come learn basic soldering skills while creating jump rings, a heart charm and a custom bangle using sterling silver wire.  Next you will be introduced to 14K gold filled wire and the techniques to solder it, and another custom bangle!  Learn about the torch, pickle, flux, solder and tools to get you started. (Please bring shells or beads for your bangles, small pearls will be provided on day of class)
*If you need to see work close up, please bring *GLASSES*